Retail sales and distribution law - Redlink avocats

Retail sales and distribution law

We prepare and negotiate retailing distribution agreements and handle related litigation:

  • Commercial representation: commission agents, commercial agents, brokers;
  • Negotiations between suppliers and distributors based on new regulations on French competition-restricting practices ("LME"), Hamon & Macron Acts;
  • Exclusive distribution, selective distribution agreements;
  • Commercial or industrial franchise or master-franchise agreements and commission affiliation agreement;
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive supply;
  • Supply agreements;
  • Structuring of purchasing offices;
  • Manufacturing and distribution licenses;
  • Logistics, GPA, category management;
  • Transportation pooling;
  • Standard terms and conditions, commercial cooperation, promotional mandates, price protection, special deal offers;
  • E-commerce, distance selling and off-premises selling;
  • Protection of personal data;
  • Sales promotion;
  • IT contracts.

We act in an advisory capacity, and assist in negotiations and litigation relating to sudden terminations of established business relationships, restrictive practices, anti-competitive practices and unfair business practices.