Our Practices

Business public law and administrative law

Redlink assists and advices companies for their business and contracts with public entities and public entities in matters related to public law:

  • Contracts/ Public tenders
    • Public markets
    • Public service delegations and concessions
    • Public/private partnerships, complex contracts, administrative leases
    • Governmental / para-governmental agreements
    • Structuring, cooperation organization
    • Financing agreements & public financing contracts
  • Administrative authorization and declaration regulation
    • City urban planning, construction and development, cultural patrimony (certificates, prior declarations, building permit, expropriation and preemption, PLU, PPR, public inquiries, etc.)
    • Occupation and use of public properties
    • Commercial development and cinematographic implementation (CDAC, DAAC, etc.)
    • Employment (administrative authorizations for employees protected, economic recovery, PSE, etc.)
    • Compliance and safety (health, consumption, standardization, etc.)
  • Regulated business and professions, regulated activities
    • Healthcare activities (healthcare establishments; healthcare material and equipment; medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical professions activities [activity authorization and organization]; peripheral activities, etc.) and social activities [rehiring companies, home care services, etc.]
    • Private security activities and defense (surveillance, security company, cash transport, private research, CNAPS, organization and assistance of demonstrations and events, etc.)
    • Supervised economic activities (sale and consumption of drinks, games business, energy, etc.)
    • Transportation and infrastructure activities (passenger transport, bus stations, railway stations, harbor, airport, etc.)
    • Ordinal relations
  • Regulatory law and administrative penalties
    • Public consultation
    • Preparation, modification, assistance in the development of legal standards
    • Administrative penalty procedures (Hamon, etc.)

Redlink is dedicated to service providers or suppliers working with public entities, undertakings or business subject to specific regulated rules and public entities, notably pre-contractual and contractual procedures, contractual remedy, appeals for abuse of authority and actions in administrative liability.

Redlink operates both in consulting phase and support for both the development and obtaining administrative authorizations and declarations and for relations with the administrations.

Redlink helps and advises clients both in the preparation and setting up projects (public contracts, financing, obtaining approvals, assistance for contract negotiations, competitive dialogue, etc.) for the organization and structuring their activities (administrative authorizations and declarations, licenses, certificates, administrative audit, etc.).

Redlink acts at all steps of litigation (pre-complaints and appeals; pre-contractual and contractual procedures; petition for suspension and petition for protection of fundamental liberties; interim payment; preventive procedure; emergency observation procedure; and expertise procedure, etc.) before all organizations and administrative institutions (national and local governments, specialized agencies [CNAPS, Ordres, Disputes and litigation resolution committees, etc.]; Independent Administrative Authorities [CADA, CNIL, ARAFER, AdlC, CRE, ARCEP]) as well as all jurisdictions [administrative courts, administrative courts of appeal, State Council {1st instance litigation}, Constitutional Council {QPC}; criminal courts {administrative offenses} and specialized civil courts {pre-contractual and contractual civil procedures}).

Redlink develops a strong and efficient expertise in certain sectors of privileged activities such as transport and mobility, health, IT and telecommunications, works and construction, city urban projects and planning, services and supplies to public authorities (water, waste, heating, cleaning, catering, etc.).